Karond Kar Slavers

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Karond Kar Slavers roster 

1Harunaer Baleyon
player avatarRunner
7347Dump-Off, Pass, Accurate, Nerves of Steel, Dodge32100455160k
11Calemen Delmeno
player avatarBlitzer
7348Block, Catch, Dodge, Nerves of Steel2803242170k
12Scarl Daggaron
player avatarBlitzer
13Ethir Varayne (Cap.)
player avatarBlitzer
7348Block, Dodge, Tackle, Leap, Guard3903351190k
14Sedrryth Savenos
player avatarBlitzer
7348Block, Dodge, Side Step, Guard1411332170k
21Roosus Boltoran
player avatarLineman
22Alensea Vereto
player avatarLineman
26Rustyn Venturan
player avatarLineman
27Rama'see Boltoran
player avatarLineman
28Jabon Carcano
player avatarLineman
67Alaaronea Erwarth 
player avatarWitch Elf
7347Frenzy, Dodge, Jump Up, Wrestle, Tackle1105224150k
69Heleassa Redoran
player avatarWitch Elf
7347Frenzy, Dodge, Jump Up, Block, Dauntless2202117150k
player avatarAssassin
6347Shadowing, Stab, Block, Dodge1101216130k

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Coach JayHeretic
Race Dark Elf
League Leicester Blood Bowl League
Division Season I
Ready No
TV 1940k
Treasury 230k
Apothecary Yes
Rerolls 3
Fan Factor 10
Ass. Coaches 2
Cheerleaders 2

Played 23
WIN% 69.6%
ELO 279.65
W/L/D 14/5/4
W/L/D Streaks 6/3/2
Won tours 2
Latest tour Season II Championship Final
Tours played Season I League Games, Season I Play-Offs, Season II League Games | Mungk Division, Season II Play-Offs | Mungk Division, Season II Division Final | Mungk Division, Season II Championship Final
Prizes 1x SII | Championship Winner, 1x SII | Mungk Div Most Completions, 1x SII | Made The Mungk Div Play-Offs | 1st, 1x SI | Made The Play-Offs | 4th
Is famous Yes

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