Grumpy Spawn

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About player
Name Grumpy Spawn (#72)
Position Rotter
Team Fomorian Corsairs (SIII Champions)
Bought 2017-01-22 23:02:10
Status None
Value 40k
SPP/extra 0/0
Wanted No
In HoF No
Played 4
W/L/D 3/0/1
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Ma 5
St 3
Ag 3
Av 8
Skills Decay, Nurgle's Rot
Injuries None
Cp 0
Td 0
Int 0
BH/SI/Ki 0/0/0
Cas 0
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Born from the Queens icy breath these phantasms exhibit the personality traits of whatever mood the Queen was in when they were birthed. Ice Spawn live short happy lives until they melt or are shattered on the pitch.

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