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No one was going to go easy on her and her team. This was where the blood started flowing, or Icor in her teams case, and no one would be pulling their blows like they did in the friendly. These injuries would count! Well she couldn’t back out now, not with the roar of the crowd in the background. She could almost count the coins from her share of the gate! Her only consolation was that she had played the Ogrish Allstars before, and won. That was a friendly. So with a couple of muttered incantations she started to unpack her team. --- The first half had been a true edge of the seat watching! She’d tried a new Defensive Tactic in the first half of keeping her Werewolves back a bit more and it had almost ended in disaster. That will teach her for reading a book that was older than she was! In fact it had been so disastrous that Christopher Lee had been smashed to pieces by the half way mark! Fortunately the simmering rage that kept his Wight body together was stronger and although he was useless for the rest of the game, he was going to be ok. Just a bit angrier for the next few months. It was a ridiculously risky manoeuvre from one of her Ghouls that stopped the Ogres Drive, she made a mental note to give Vincent Price and extra potion of rotting flesh as a reward. Worst thing though was that her team managed to do very little damage to the Snotlings on the other team. That had been her “plan” and she had utterly failed. By the time the half time whistle blew, she had a Werewolf, a Wight, a Flesh Golem and a Zombie off the field. Even the Bloodweiser babe couldn’t do anything to get the Werewolf back in, though the wise woman was sure that the Werewolf was enjoying the fussing too much to want to return. On his back with his back leg scratching an imaginary itch, Bela Lugosi was NOT A GOOD BOY! --- The second half started with a riot, and even with the majority of Fans following the Ogrish Allstars, the Snotlings took the brunt of the damage, strewn across the floor at the back. But disaster was even handed, and had the entire left flank of the Gnashers side was concussed by the time that the rioting fans had been forcibly removed. The game started slowly and within minutes the Ogres had spread themselves across the field and blocked the drive. So, risking it for a Dog Biscuit, Lon decided to throw the ball up the field to the waiting hands of a Peter, which surprising everyone, especially the Wise Woman, worked perfectly. She began to wonder if she should start playing a more agile based game. Then, unceremoniously, she was dragged back to the game as almost immediately the Ghoul was flanked by 2 Ogres. Deftly Peter just managed to dodge his way back to hand back off to Lon, who grabbed the ball, turned around and immediately fell on his face. Then disaster struck twice. An Ogre, who she wished she had got the number of turned around and punched Boris Karloff right in the face. It typical stoic fashion the Flesh Golem stood still as the fist smashed in and the only thing to move was his head. Unfortunately, his head moved quite a bit, tearing off his shoulders, and hanging down his back. Boris tumbled to the floor to be stretchered off the field and laid in the Gnashers casualty box. The wise woman scurried over, already suspecting the worst. Nothing could live through that – a decapitation by brunt force trauma. As she got to his side, her tears turned to joy, as she saw that he had not only managed to put his own head back in position, but had also stood up, while motioning for a needle and thread! Morr praise their resilience, he was Monster of the Match for sure! However, the rest of the team was still taking a pummelling, and a full 50% of the team was carted off to the KO stand again. Any team at half strength would struggle against the worst of teams, and this Ogre team was as far as you could get from worst, and the Gnashers were hardly the best! So after her joy at the Flesh Golems Survival had worn off, and she took in the rest of the field, the Wise woman sat down and buried her head in her hands. Then, with a remarkable sense of that Bretonian “Déjà vu”, just for a second, she thought that Vincent was going to do another last second save, sacrificing himself to stop the ball. But alas, those little Snots were too agile with seconds to spare on full time, they managed to get the ball into the endzone, and score. 1-0 It could have gone a lot worse she thought. A LOT worse! She meant to ask Boris though, did he ever get the number of that Ogre that knocked his head off? 2017-10-12 22:44:32 Match: Da Green Curz (0) vs. Bloodbath and Beyond (2) Really fun match between two rookie teams. Bloodbath decided that breaking armour was far too crass, and that instead they would play the game in a gentler manner; looking to move the ball with 'finesse'. Managing to score two passing touch downs, Bloodbath scored more with more passes than they attempted than in all of their pre-season games. Extra mention goes out to the Da Green Curz number 11 who just wouldn't give up trying to score, failing on the last three consecutive turns all at on the last roll to score despite making numerous improbable dodge, pick up and going for it rolls. 2017-10-12 22:16:30 Match: The Void (0) vs. Leicester Mortuary (1) The game started with the Void kicking the ball and finding themselves being torn apart by werewolf claws during a large central scrum. Four knocks out later left them unable to defend and Gayna Yarde walked casually into the end zone to score at the end of the half. With Hubert Flynn and Justin taking a nap the teams were still fairly evenly matches for the second half. A thrown rock knocked out Penny leaving the Void short handed. This was quickly followed by Norman being surfed off the pitch and an upper cut from Stiliven Chuket saw Freddie the Minotaur missing the next game with a broken arm. the Void made a come back with knocking out some Zombies but dwindling numbers left an opening for Francis Dashwood to knock the ball out of the agile Wrighty's hands. It looked like Leicester Mortuary would run off for a second score but all they saw for the next two turns was spinning skulls; fortunately the Void could not get the ball back. With the last beast-man that could reach the score line having been removed by a kick to the head Goldenharp tried to dodged away to score but fell in the dust. Quarterback Wrighty threw a pass to end the game. 2017-10-12 21:45:01 Match: Geheimnisnacht Gnashers (2) vs. Ogrish Allstars (0) Fantastic Game - Massive rukkus in the middle for both halves - with the 2 touchdowns happening in the last turns of each half. Fantastic opponent! Ultraviolent, plenty of armour breaks and casualties! Brilliant! 2017-09-22 11:35:26 Match: Ostland Stampede (5) vs. Geheimnisnacht Gnashers (0) The Wise Woman was ecstatic! The OSTLAND STAMPEDE! She was going to get to see the Ostland Stampede in the flesh! She had been following them more than any other team in the tourney - and they were doing so well! She'd even had a painting of their Star Player Dirk Knecht on the wall, and now she was going to get to Play with him! Well against him. The Commissioners had managed to sort out a friendly game between her Gerheimnisnact Gnashers and the Ostland Stampede. It was a complete mismatch - the Stampede were literally at the top of their game, while her Gnashers were at best untested and would fall apart under pressure. Though to be fair she was pretty sure that the Stampede would provide more than a bit of Pressure. She was very nervous, it wasnt every day that she got to meet her heros! ---- The Game was spectacular! 5-0! Five nil! The Stampede crushed the Gnashers. The First Touchdown had happened in minutes - they were SO fast! Graceful too. It made her Ghouls look like they were bumbling dwarves - in fact her Ghouls weren’t able to pick up a ball at all - and the only times that the Gnashers got close to scoring it was the Werewolves that did it, but the Half Time whistle put an end to one (she suspected a biased Ref, but, lets be honest, she was biased that way too!) and then something tripped Bela Lugosi - she was just lucky he wasn't dead. But the Stampede! Just amazing. Scoring in less than 5 minutes, twice in the first half and 3 times in the second! The last one, a throw from the 10 yard line in the Stampedes half, sailed over half the pitch, into the hands of Dirk, who just jogged it in! A Touchdown from the other end of the pitch! Amazing! When the Full Time whistle blew, she was breathless! Admittedly next time, she might have to concentrate a bit more, the Flesh Golems were terrible, and she was sure that was due to her lack of focus. The Ghouls desperately needed more training. But it was Brilliant! 2017-09-08 08:11:07 Match: Murderous Urges (1) vs. Simply the Best (0) Elves that cannot pick up the ball, and Chaos that cannot Armour Break. Speedy Game at 90 minutes 2017-08-31 22:54:08 Match: Tilean Drowned Court (1) vs. Lab Rat Rebellion (3) Sadly the hero undead couldn't remove the dastardly rats quickly enough and kept taking themselves out with both downs. Failure my to pick up the ball near my own goal line with gutter runners about did not end well! 2017-08-31 22:05:04 Match: Wight Lives Matter (0) vs. Ekrund Anvils (1) Mikhail Karlssen Report Season IV, Quarter Finals Ekrund Anvils once again scrape a win that puts them through to the semi finals by a beard hair. Both teams equally matched, thanks to heavy inducements. Anvils won the toss and quickly formed up to cage Frank Gorr and escort him up the Dwarf team's right flank, with star runner Joself Karak shadowing in support. Wight Lives Matter deployed their wizard in an attempt to scupper the Anvils ambition for an early touchdown, which took out the entire cage in a firey conflagration. The Dwarves quickly recovered however, allowing Karak to regain possession and bring in the touchdown. The remainder of the game was an uphill struggle for the Anvils. Electing to use a deep, positional defence for maximum coverage, the Dwarf team were stretched thin. Inevitably, Wight Lives Matter managed to find the weak link in the thin red and black line and made a break for the endzone. In a desperate last ditch attempt, the Anvils defence just managed to bring down the sprinting ghoul before he could make good on his drive. True to their name, both Slayers chalked up one casualty a piece during the match, but Frank Gorr was also injured in retaliation. Post match, I had a chance to talk to Anvils head coach about his thoughts. Philosophical as ever, he commended the undead side as having the better coach, but the Anvils were the better team on the day. 2017-08-25 18:55:43 Match: Murderous Urges (0) vs. Ogrish Allstars (2) The Ogrish dice flipped from terrible to awesome all game. The chaos dice were cursed and barely rolled any pow's. 2017-08-17 22:41:13 Match: Geheimnisnacht Gnashers (1) vs. Gap Year Nightmares (2) Amazing game The Lizardmen took a lead in the First half, decimating the Necromantic team. 2 Ghouls heavily injured, and various Knockouts led to a team more off the pitch than on. The Necromantics typical recovery helped them lots in the second half, returning 9 to the pitch, but an early drop by the Undead left them unable to defend against the Lizardmens skinks who walked it home. The Undead then managed to sneak a ball through and with a very risky throw managed to get a Werewolf into position to make a last turn touchdown. Superb game against a superb opponent! 2017-08-11 02:17:02 Match: Murderous Urges (1) vs. Nu Gork Dakkajets (1) Damn those Orcs are tough. Over 30 blocks thrown against them and only two went down. And I think that was because they felt guilty about it. Lord Borak was induced into the game, but succumbed to his foul urges and was sent off very early in the game (turn 2) Murderous urges were very lucky when a touchback ball randomly was caught by a chaos warrior who managed to force his way up the final six yards and score close to the end of the game. Touchdown scored by Orc #8 Touchdown scored by Chaos #Borak Coach 'theImpaler's reputation for failing final round 'go for its' was again on display meaning the game ended 1-1 when the shattered Chaos team couldn't stop his Blitzer from sprinting for the end zone. 2017-08-10 22:37:48 Match: Murderous Urges (0) vs. Tilean Drowned Court (1) Some outrageous dice rolls from both teams. Undead victory was well deserved since more than half the Chaos team were either knocked out or injured. Touchdown Scored by Undead #3 2017-08-03 21:29:49 Match: Geheimnisnacht Gnashers (1) vs. Da Lesta Masherz (1) An incredibly bloody and hard fought game, 1-1, equalised by a last turn score by Da Lesta Mashas 2017-08-02 16:48:31 Match: Bloodbath and Beyond (1) vs. PST Loner Team (1) Elfs scored in 2 turns. Chaos proceeded to have the ball for 14 consecutive turns and only score once. Apparently advancing the ball one square at a time isn't particularly fast. 2017-07-28 14:17:21 Match: Leicester Mortuary (2) vs. Zhufbar Nuggets (0) With the fans cheering for them Leicester Mortuary received the ball and began the match pushing Skalf Thrundsson into the crowd. As the unliving advanced Morek Gorimsson and Loki Haakonfind also found frenzied Wolves pushing them off the pitch. Fortunately the local crowd were too drunk to do any lasting damage to the dwarves. Despite the Dwarves hurting a couple of undead, they could not stop the Mortuary from scoring. Both teams still had 11 players for the second half and Zhufbar Nuggets advanced with the ball into a large central scrum. Kimril 'The Elf' Gundriksson grabbed the ball and danced forward next to the Zombie Stiliven Chuket but Rungni Ulthersson could not knock him over! This let Stiliven knock Kimril into the dirt scattering the ball. Kimril tried to recover it but it slipped through his fingers (Snake Eyes!)and before he got another chance to try and pick it up Mr Wolf's claws sliced him up and he was dragged off the pitch. Mr Wolf tried to pick up the ball but it bounced out of his hands into the hands of Gayna Yarde who ran off with the ball. Flakki Yannisnev tried valiantly to stop her but was also pushed into the crowd who broke his leg. Gayna then scored a second touchdown for Leicester Mortuary! 2017-07-13 21:51:38 Match: The Madcap Mountaineers (0) vs. Elfest (2) WIN BY CONCEDE 2017-07-07 07:02:59 Match: The Void (2) vs. The Madcap Mountaineers (0) WIN BY CONCEDE 2017-07-07 07:02:35 Match: Sexy Blood Bowl (1) vs. Ekrund Anvils (0) The Mikhail Karlssen Report: Round 4. Anvils Vs. SBB 0-1 Wilting Weather In their 4th round match, the Anvils were pitted against Southern Division's Dark Elf contingent, following the 3rd round no show from The Madcap Mountaineers. This reporter hasn't heard the adjective of "Sexy" applied to a game of Blood Bowl before, but if any comparisons can be drawn, the match left both teams hot, sweaty, and flaccid. I think the Anvils are having some teething troubles with their new venue, as the ambient temperature turned Bloodhorn Stadium into a spit roast. Then again, there was a notable absence this match of Halfling Chef Extraordinaire, Gordon Bleurgh. I guess the heat of the kitchen was too much for his delicate senses. Bolt From The Blue The first drive took the whole half to play out. Textbook cage formation from the Anvils all the way down the pitch, who were under constant coverage by the agile Dark Elf defence. Each team playing quite a conservative game of cat and mouse with no real blocks hitting home. Josef Karak showed off his own footwork skills as he dodged out of the grasp on a number of occasions where SBB broke the Dwarven cage formation, only to have the door shut before they could cause any trouble. Witch Elf Jain Zar kept the wide zones clear with the threat of a frenzied crowd surf, but was kept in check by the two Trollslayers running bait and switch plays along the lines. On 7th Bell, just as Karak was in reach of the endzone, the Dark Elves played their ace in the hole. A bolt of lightning erupted from the cheap seats. No serious damage was done to the Anvils runner, but the shock was enough for him to lose possession, and the chance for the Anvils to score in the first half. Running Out Of Steam After such a long and gruelling drive, both teams were beginning to suffer from exhaustion and had a couple of players take a knee to recuperate over the next drive. The Anvils fans gave some great support to their home team, which is good to see after the watershed in Round 2. The Dark Elf team set up on the right flank with what appeared to be a variant on the classic cage formation, but rather than create a pocket for the ball carrier, it seemed as though the purpose was to force a gap in the Dwarven Line of scrimmage with a 3-2-1 inverse wedge, whilst avoiding Wiljam Platzwart's Deathroller. The Wedge did it's work, which led to a quick opportunity for a Dark Elf pass, but the heat once again took it's toll. With the ball now slippery with sweat, a short pass wobbled wide of it's mark which led to a flurry of attempts to keep ball in play. To no avail, the ball was fumbled which allowed the Dwarves to close the distance. In reaction, SBB switched the play to the opposite flank, leaving the Deathroller in the dust. The Anvils kept their cool however, and in a mirror of the first half, kept good coverage deep into their own half. Time was ticking down as the Dark Elves who could have easily outrun their opponents, opted instead to play out the clock. Taking their time allowed Wiljam to close with the ball carrier, and grant a last ditch attempt to blitz. Tragically, in the heat of the moment the Dwarven Deathroller must have overheated, as it ground to a halt inches away from a rather relieved Karandras, a torrent of steam gushing forth. With such a close call, the Dark Elf Blitzer thought better of any further stalling and brought it home for the touchdown around the 7th Bell. Riot Clearly the heat was affecting the fans as much as the players, as the Dark Elf touchdown caused the home fans to erupt into incandescent rage, and a sea of red and black clad supporters surged into the visitors side, and did not cease until no pointy eared punter was left unbruised. After the hourglass was reset, the Anvils were given a glimpse of the equaliser but at the end of the day, the Dark Elf defence was too tight and the conservative play of the 1st half meant that the numbers on the pitch were still not in anyone's favour. Doubtless, this was the toughest game of the Anvils season, and one of the tougher games of their career but they played a tight game given the heat. In the game of Blood Bowl, even if you do everything right, you still need a little luck in the right places. 2017-06-02 01:17:45 Match: The Armoured Armadildo's (1) vs. Cogwork Colliders (0) 10! 10! 10! 10! 2017-05-18 21:27:10